It has been a hot question for some time - is breastfeeding in public okay? Well, one local group is trying to cool this debate, and make it easier for mothers to feed their children, even when they're out and about.

To kick off Breastfeeding Month, the Mohawk Valley Perinatal Network started a community initiative - 'Breastfeed Your Baby Here' - which had local businesses and organizations put up a logo showing they're not only okay with a mother breastfeeding in their building, but they support it, as well. It was all in an effort to normalize breastfeeding in public. You can read more about the story below.

The initial story had been shared on Facebook to a mom from Whitesboro. The mom, Cherise, is very passionate about this cause. She's even had to deal with people reporting pictures of her breastfeeding (that were posted on Facebook). Lite 98.7 was able to track down Cherise and get her story - from the reported pictures to how she feels about breastfeeding in public (and whether it's an acceptable thing or not). This is her story...

Breastfeeding in public will still be a hot topic, but hopefully with more knowledge and insight, an answer can come from all this. Thank you Cherise for sharing your story!



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