Have you ever wondered what people think of Utica and the Mohawk Valley, when they see it for the first-time? Well, I asked these first-time visitors and got their honest opinion about the area.

Last week my family came to Central New York for the first time. All, except my dad (he helped me move in when I first got out here - but he didn't get to 'experience' CNY, so I don't count that). Anyway, I showed them the area, going on adventures, and teaching them the Central New York lifestyle.

Unfortunately, with only a few days to see the sites - there's a lot they missed (it's just impossible to see everything in less than a week). But they did get to see a lot of cool things - from the drive to Old Forge to the Saranac Brewery, I made sure to fit in some interesting and unique New York adventures. KanJam was also involved - which my sister liked so much, she decided to buy the game and take it back to Michigan with her!

So what did they think? What did they love the best about their visit? And what did they miss out on?


I'm glad they enjoyed their visit, but I wish I had more time to show them around. They didn't even get a chance to have chicken riggies or halfmoon cookies! Ridiculous, I know - but they'll just have to come for another visit and explore more of this amazing area!



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