Do you believe in second chances? The Oneida Square Project is a group that does - and they're teaming up with other agencies to make Utica better, and the lives of people in this community better.

Utica has been in a rough patch for quite some time, but things are looking up. Rebuilding and change often takes a lot of time. Sometimes you just have to look at the small steps people and organizations are making, to see that change. The Oneida Square Project is one group that's helping with that change. According to the Oneida Square Project's website,

The Oneida Square Project creates art and combats neighborhood blight to help make downtown Utica safer, more beautiful and more just

...through partnering with existing agencies, creating our own initiatives and social enterprises, and incubating community based not for profits.

Not only are they helping employ those in the area who may have had a tough start in life, but they are also creating artwork that's making our city and our community look amazing. This is how they are helping Utica...


I've seen the trashcans around Utica - and they really do make the city look brighter. I don't know if you have ever noticed, but a city that pays attention to the little details (like trashcans, and works of art, and little 'decorations' around town), well there's just something that makes a city or town that does that, more approachable. It makes it feel like the city and its people have pride, and when that happens, its future looks bigger and better.

Utica is rising up! It may be a long and difficult road, but there are good things in the future for this city. It's only going to get better and better as we go along!




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