While the Muppets have covered some pretty awesome songs throughout their existence, Naughty by Nature's 'Hip Hop Hooray' has not been one of them -- at least, until now.

Thanks to the guys at the appropriately named YouTube channel isthishowyougoviral, Kermit the Frog and Fozzie Bear -- and one awesome cameo appearance by Beaker -- are now gettin' down with their bad selves on the hip hop track. While the Muppets aren't actually singing the 1993 hit, it totally looks like they are, thanks to the totally badass, cleverly edited clips.

Kermit is certainly having himself an Internet moment in 2014, thanks in part to the viral, tea-drinking "but that's none of my business" meme. While it seems like Miss Piggy would rather steal the spotlight, we are certainly not complaining -- especially when he stars in hilarious videos like the epic Naughty by Nature cover.

Check out the Muppets' "cover" of Naughty by Nature's 'Hip Hop Hooray' in the video above!

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