With the tragic news of Prince's passing, we're wondering what other artists have left such a lasting impression on your life?

In 2009, it was the sad news of music icon Michael Jackson passing away. In 2012 it was Whitney Houston. 2016 has already seen its fair share of musical legends passing including David Bowie and just recently, Prince.

These were all huge artists, who changed the music industry during their time, and inspired other musicians in the business. As much as we don't want to think about more musicians passing away, the truth is - It's going to happen.

Whether the news of Prince's passing shook you up inside, or if the news of Micheal Jackson in 2009 made you cry, there are certain artists that shape a generation (or more), and make you feel something more than just 'listening to their music.'

Naomi Lynn brought this question up to JR - Asking him what musician had such a big impact on him, an artist he couldn't imagine passing away. His answer?
Paul McCartney.
For Naomi, the artist she couldn't imagine not being in this world is Madonna.

We're wondering - Who is the artist that impacted your life the most? Was it Michael Jackson? Was it Whitney Houston? Is it someone who is still alive, that you can't imagine what the world will be like when they're gone? Let us know in the poll below. If you don't see the artist that impacted you, you can fill in your own answer.

We'll be sharing the results during your More Music Morning Show on Lite 987.



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