Cincinnati, Ohio's Del Hall made headlines recently by dropping 44 pounds in 46 days on an all-beer diet.

He happens to work for a craft beer company, so he had easy access. His employer, 50 West Brewing Company, added a little publicity with this story as Del dropped some weight. The diet was monitored by a doctor and Hall spaced his brew consumption out, so he didn't get hammered. There've been all sorts of one-food diets, but this might be the coolest one yet. Although, it got us to thinking about other one-food diets.

Beth challenged me to go on an all-pizza diet. I said I didn't think it would work. She says it will.

For some local inspiration, there's a Mohawk Valley guy named Pete Connors, who's known as Pete-Za, because he's eaten pizza every day for over four straight months. He also eats other stuff, but I won't; pizza will be my only food.

We needed some rules for my special diet. So, with a little help from Facebook, here's what we decided:

  • 30 days
  • No chain pizzerias, LOCAL shops only
  • At least one slice per meal
  • No other foods

I'll also be allowed to drink my usual assortment of water, club soda, and seltzer. And I plan to work out regularly. My starting weight as of Thursday, May 9, 2019: 247. It's on....


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