Proving that the mysterious and strange really never take the time of year into account, another mystery phenomena has surfaced. On Thursday, January 3rd a peculiar occurrence was photographed off the coast of Old Town Beach in Southampton, NY.

 See the Photo Here

According to the Southampton Patch;  A resident was on his routine bird-watching expedition when he spotted something odd while looking out at the Atlantic Ocean from the end of Old Town Road. There was a dense black cloud hovering over the water several miles off shore without any apparent source and demonstrating odd behavior. It was moving against the winds and there were not other clouds in the area.


Resident David Sagman, the individual responsible for the unusual photograph, was quoted as saying:

 "It seemed to be moving very slowly westward and northward with very subtle shape change," Sagman said. "No fishing boats were observed nearby."


Given the location of the phenomena and the odd behavior many are speculating that it could have been a flock of birds, rocket exhaust, a UFO or even smoke from a HAARP weather manipulation pod.

The only thing that everyone can agree on, it that the mysterious black cloud off the Southampton coast was not a cloud.

[via Southampton Patch]


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