This is a tough question if you think about it... New York is a big place - How could you include the entire state into one specific dish? Well, someone online thought it was possible, and apparently was able to do it!

A Massive Pile of Junk Food
Photo by: Scott Barbour/Getty Images News

When I think of food in New York, I think of a variety of different meals. Regional food like chicken riggies and Utica greens make the list, along with pizza in general (Utica-Style, New York-Style, and everything in between). But to summarize all of New York into one meal, one type of food... How is that possible?

I honestly didn't think it was. You can't give a state only one food that it is known for, there's too many different answers, too many different things it could possibly be. CheeseRank decided that it WAS possible, and that's exactly what they did. According to them, New York is best known for buffalo wings and blue cheese dip. CheeseRank explains,

Bet you were expecting pizza? Well there's more to New York than the eponymous city! Let's give some love to upstate where they invented the definitive football appetizer combination by pairing hot sauce, chicken wings, and blue cheese.

What a great answer for New York! I really was expecting pizza, or a pasta dish, or something like that. Buffalo wings sums up the whole state pretty well, though.

Do you think CheeseRank got it right? Are buffalo wings the food New York is most-known for? Or is it something else?



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