As Naomi Lynn gets closer to her anniversary of moving to Central New York, she's noticed a few 'habits' she's picked up.

It was bound to happen - Once you start living in a new place, you'll find yourself picking up some of the lingo, some of the mannerisms, and some of the lifestyle. Although Naomi took to Central New York faster than most people would take to a new environment, there was one thing she never thought would happen to her - And it has.

On Sunday, while enjoying her day off, Naomi really wanted something different for lunch. No big deal - The variety of food that surrounds Central New York gives her plenty to choose from. But there was one problem...

I decided on what I wanted, what I was craving. But there was an issue... It was in New Hartford and I was in Ilion. Two years ago, I was never like this. I used to have to drive like, 40 minutes just to do anything (that's what happens when you live in a small town in the middle of nowhere). But all of a sudden, it seemed like a big deal. I wasn't sure if I wanted to drive ALL that way, just for something to eat.

Sounds a little weird, right? Well, Naomi remembered when she first moved out to the area, it seemed like no one drove to another city just for something small (like lunch or dinner). Everything you needed was in your own town or city, and if you were planning on going somewhere else, it was for something more (like shopping and dinner, or a movie and food). She remembered all the people she heard that would complain about driving from Utica to Herkimer, or from Rome to Utica and she couldn't understand it. Now she does. Now she is one of those people.

And don't worry - That's not the only thing Naomi Lynn has noticed she's picked up - It was just one of the things that hit her as "odd" when she first moved to the area, and now she finds herself doing the same thing.

By the way, she did drive ALL the way to New Hartford to get her food... And it was worth the drive.



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