I am on this new lifestyle journey where I am eating a very low amount of carbs each day and am working out like a mad woman. I'm going to Cancun in September and wanna feel and look extra good while I'm relaxing on the beach, so I need all the help I can get and apparently I am already doing something that is helping me burn extra calories while I'm exercising!

A new study out of Japan says that if you're looking to lose weight, it can be as easy (or a little bit easier anyway) as chewing gum!!

Researchers found that when people walked and chewed gum at the same time, their heart rates were higher and they used more energy. Those involved in the study also lost more weight than those who did not chew gum while walking.

The 46 people involved in the study were between the ages 21 and 69. Researchers formed two groups: the test group was given two pieces of gum to chew. Participants in each group were then asked to walk for 15 minutes at regular pace, according to the study.

What's the explanation for such science?

They can't really pin point a specific thing to say about it, but the researchers say it may possibly have something to do with this thing called "cardio-locomotor-synchronization" which is when your heartbeat matches and syncs up with a repetitive motion.

So apparently, by something so simple as chewing gum, your heart rate gets up into cardio mode and stays there.

I found when I first started on this journey that chewing gum actually helped me breathe better with the combination of a minty flavor (why, I don't really know,) so I was really excited when I found this out because it was something I already try to do!

Keep in mind, I'm sure chewing gum on the regular while exercising isn't going to help you dramatically lose weight.



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