Darden Restaurants announced earlier this week that, in an attempt to broaden the appeal of seafood mecca Red Lobster, the company has revised its menu in hopes of targeting an untapped market: people who do not eat seafood.

Starting October 15, Red Lobster will increase the number of non-seafood-related dishes on its menu to include items like Parmesan-crusted chicken alfredo with corkscrew pasta, pork chops and, for the vegetarian, roasted vegetable skewers.

Representatives from Darden say the idea to revamp the menu and make it more palatable to the masses comes from the company’s desire to eliminate the “veto vote” that often keeps families and groups away from Red Lobster simply because someone in their circle does not like seafood.

In addition to these changes, the company says it is also giving its prices a makeover, vowing to stick within the $15 range for the majority of its entrees, with the exception of certain surf-and-turf-type items.

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