If snoring is a problem in your house, whether you're the snorer (like me) or the one laying awake and disturbed by the sound of the snoring (Beth), there are all sorts of remedies--from C-PAP masks to special dental devices and other natural solutions.

And now, there's a revolutionary new one out there that sounds a bit radical. The FDA has approved the use of a probe. The device heats up to about 140 degrees, and is inserted deep into your nasal cavity, where it essentially burns away your swollen nasal tissue, and allows you to sleep more peacefully. Um, a word of warning: there is some pain involved...

You DO receive local anesthesia before the probe, but some patients need painkillers FOLLOWING the procedure. The U.S. company pioneering the treatment is named Aerin Medical and here's their website.

If you want to find out about availability in your area, you can check this website, punch in your zip code, and see which doctors closest to you are administering the procedure. Looks like Central New Yorkers may have to travel a bit right now.



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