If you like to enjoy a glass of wine (or five) out of a bottle or out of a box, would you consider imbibing in wine from a keg? Hey, we enjoy wine ICE CREAM here in Central New York, so why not out of a keg?

There's a winery in Long Island called Bridge Lane that's offering wine by the keg. Each one produces about 130 glasses of vino, which works out to be 26 whole bottles. Now here's more math: Bridge Lane bottles average about $20 a pop and a keg will run you $240, which would equal $9.23 per bottle. So, you'd be saving about half off the cost of a bottle.

Bridge Lane Winery offers reds, whites and rosés by the keg, and suggests killing the keg within a couple of days, after which the wine's probably no good.

They also offer wine by the can. They diversify, according to their website "because sometimes you want to throw some cans of wine in a cooler at the beach or show up to a party like a baller with a KEG of rosé."

The Bridge Lane folks produce good wines, according to many reviews, but their website also says they "aren't meant to be studied and drunk in fancy glasses. They're meant for casual sipping and sharing with friends. BYE, wine snobs."

Sounds like our kinda place. the town of Mattituck, where Bridge Lane is located is only about a six-hour drive from Central New York. Road trip, anyone?


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