Some bands may live and die by the charts, record sales and what the newest trends are but Nickelback isn't one of those.  Frontman Chad Kroeger says they really  just don't care a bit about that kind of stuff.

What other popular artists are doing isn't a concern for Nickelback and they have no plans to change their sound or conform to what's hot now.  Kroeger tells the Associated Press, "We don't look at what all the other popular artists are doing.  We're not chasing Lady Gaga or Katy Perry or any of those guys.  They're doing fabulous doing what they're doing, and we're just doing what we do, and that's it."  Kroeger goes on to say that while on the one hand it would be easier to do just one kind of music, it's just not as much fun and would stifle the creativity they have by  doing a diverse range of music.  Despite the bands reluctance to change their sound to be even more successful on Top 40 radio, they've done extremely well.  Billboard magazine recently chose Nickelback as the group of the decade and their hit "How You Remind Me" was named the decade's top rock song.  Do you admire them for taking a stand against following the latest musical trends?

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