New Yorker Anthony Vincent is the genius behind Ten Seconds Songs, and this time he takes on the role of 20 different artists to cover Justin Bieber's hit 'Sorry.'

These videos really show off a person's musical talent, don't they? Whether you like the song or not (or the artists he portrays), you can't deny the fact that this guy is extremely talented.

This time "Ten Second Songs" brings you a Justin Bieber cover in the styles of Michael Bulton, Hanson, Selena Gomez, Kiss and even Kayne West (among others). It's not just the singing Vincent replicates - It's the whole musical sound.

It seems like Vincent had gotten a little more 'creative' in his videos for this cover, compared to older ones. Instead of just singing (or playing) the part, he started dressing and acting more of the part. You get to see a more fun, laid-back side of this talented musician.

Vincent has also done his "Ten Second Songs" on other hits like Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood," Adele's "Hello," and probably his biggest musical masterpiece Katy Perry's "Dark Horse," - which by the way, had over 19 million views on YouTube.



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