Tuesday, March 27th is National Joe Day. Not to be confused with St. Joseph's Day, which is observed March 19th, in honor of the husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary and legal father of Jesus of Nazareth.

National Joe Day is for the Joes who are slightly more average than the father of Jesus, but still extraordinary in their own ways. We've got a bunch of them in Central New York. Many you'll recognize, and maybe a few others you SHOULD recognize.

Joe Griffo. The New York State Senator was once known as the Rock & Roll Mayor when, as the mayor of Rome, he helped bring a big Woodstock reunion to our area.

Joe Marino. The Utica Councilman, who has the @joeutica4 Twitter handle, and who is always visible on the streets. The picture above shows Marino and Griffo together on a clean-up project.

Genesee Joe. The local rock star and radio personality. Real name Joe Trisolino. He's a legend and a nice guy.

Joe Cirasuolo is an earnest Councilman representing Whitesboro and Joe Mootz is the top racquetball star in the area.

A few other nominees from Facebook Friends:

Seth Becker from The Old Main mentioned Joe Fanelli, "the best damn sound guy around."

Karen Crego nominated Syracuse musician Jumpin' Joe Whiting.

Steve Corlett: Sloppy Joes.

Melissa Kinney hailed her microbiologist husband Joe, "for helping to make the best beer around at FX Matt."

Jim Brock gave a nod to advertising exec Joe Romanelli.

Marty Barber tabbed his son Joe, who is a Division 1 wrestler at Maryland.

If you know a Joe (or for that matter a Joanna or Josephine), be sure to give them some props.


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