Some of the runners at this years Utica Boilermaker Road Race say that the construction along the race route was an eyesore and a safety hazard. Runners were seen dodging construction cones along The Parkway and Utica councilman Joe Marino says "that's an embarrassment." Now a resolution has been passed.

WKTV reports:

The Parkway is part of Utica's 4th ward, represented by Marino, which is why he's taking up this issue. But, the resolution includes every part of the 9.3 mile route.
The moratorium will prevent construction along the route within one week of the race.

Let's hope that this resolution puts Utica in a brighter light to the thousands of runners who participate every year. Boilermaker weekend attracts over 40,000 people to the Utica/Rome area so, from now on, let's put our best foot forward.  Thanks Councilman Marino!

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