From the flashy lights and tall buildings of New York City, to the fresh mountain air of the Adirondacks - New York has a lot to offer its visitors. There are a few things visitors should keep in mind however, when heading to the Empire State.



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    New York is More Than New York City

    Seriously. The faster you get this through your head, the better. New York City is just a small piece of what New York has to offer. And it gets really, REALLY old explaining to people that just because you live in New York, does not mean you live in a gigantic city. There's farmland out here too, ya know? In fact, there are several counties in Upstate New York that have more cows that people. Strut that fact down Broadway.

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    Kan-Jam is a Serious Game and You Need to Know How to Play it

    There's no doubt if you're visiting friends or family in New York, that you're going to be asked if you want to play Kan-Jam. Better learn how to play (think tossing a frisbee into a trash barrel is easy?!) - otherwise you'll be missing out on hours of fun!

    Kan-Jam is New York's homegrown game. Invented in Buffalo and made right here in the USA, Kan-Jam has spread across the country and internationally.

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    We Live a Faster-Paced Life

    This ain't the South, where ah shucks, we'll get to that tomorrow, maybe. We don't wait around for things to happen - we're right there MAKING things happen. Again, this isn't New York City life - but we do have a faster-paced lifestyle. There's 24 hours in a day - and we use all those 24 hours! Adventures, hanging out, and working hard. There's a lot to do in life and New Yorkers know how to fit it all in.

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    We Know Good Food

    No doubt about that! New York is a true melting pot. There's tons of different cultures and backgrounds, which gives us a very unique and diverse understanding when it comes to food. From chicken riggies in Central New York - to New York Style Pizza (or back to CNY for Utica-Style Pizza) - we've got it all!

    In fact, don't get too far into the state without visiting one of our Top 10 Food Cities.

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    We Are Adventurous

    From Niagara Falls to the High Peaks of the Adirondacks to dodging traffic on 7th Avenue in Midtown Manhattan, don't plan on coming to New York unless you're ready for adventures. This isn't your sit-down, chill out kind of place (that's for after the sun goes down, sitting next to the campfire). Kayaking, shopping, camping, fishing, amusement rides - New York has all your bases covered, and we take advantage of that (especially in the summer weather).

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