For weeks, we've been talking about how the production company American High is filming a movie in Syracuse (Liverpool, to be exact) starring SNL actor/comedian and the fiance of singer Ariana Grande, Pete Davidson. He's hilarious.

Numerous people have spotted him and Ariana in the area throughout this past week. Since I found out he was cast in the new movie, called Big Time Adolescence, I've been trying to figure out the best ways to keep in touch with filming and what is going on to have the chance to see him, just because I think he is super talented and hilarious.

Spontaneously, that opportunity happened last night. I was scrolling on Instagram after I got home from broadcasting live on location, when I saw that Pete had updated his story with information about a pop up comedy show.


So, I emailed the address in the post and anticipated a response. I got one less than ten minutes later. I was wondering what my Saturday night was going to consist of, and soon was filled with excitement my plans were now surrounding someone who I've been keeping my eye on for a while.

I arrived to the site of the old Liverpool Middle School, now the stomping grounds for American High. Admission was $10 with the proceeds to benefit a local charity, Regan's Acts of Kindness. Phones were taken as soon as you reached the front of the line, to prevent pictures and recordings from being taken. They gave us wrist bands and let us in the building, where we went to the small auditorium for the show. They had a mic and a stool set up in the middle of the stage.

Credit: Kaylin/TSM
Credit: Kaylin/TSM

He had a few comedians open up for him, Dave Sirus and Joey Gay, who had me laughing so hard I almost peed my pants. Then Pete came out, told some stories/jokes and the did a question and answer session. Some of the questions that were asked included how him and Ariana got engaged, who his favorite SNL guest and cast mates are, his favorite music right now, what the craziest rumor he heard about himself was and more. He also talked to us a little bit about the movie. I can't reveal his answers but I will say he was very transparent and it was cool to see him answer such direct questions.

Do not freight if you are upset you didn't see that this was happening. Even Pete said the event "wasn't planned" and that it will probably happen again "next week."

Keep your eye out for another pop up. I'm sure it will happen again. It was really cool to be a part of and I'm happy I spontaneously decided to attend. I wish I had more pictures to prove it but I understand their want of keeping things private.

I had a great evening (alone I might add) of laughs. Definitely follow him on all of his social media if you want to take advantage of this and go. Opportunities like this don't come around that often, and although I was there waiting for way longer than I had anticipated, I know this thing wasn't planned and can understand why it took a lot longer than they had expected.

For only a 40 minute drive and a $10 admission, I got to see an actor/comedian in a really intimate environment. There wasn't more than 150 people there, including the staff for the movie. I don't regret the decision to go at all.



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