That dreaded new area code process is going to begin as soon as next week. With these new procedures in effect, it will allow customers to begin the transitional phase of the new plan. One phone company has already provided all the information phone customers need to know about the three phase plan. It turns out the change is not so scary after all.

According to,

Effective March 12, 2016, the permissive dialing period begins. During this period, callers should use the new dialing procedure whenever placing a call from the 315 area code. If you forget and use the old dialing procedure of dialing just seven digits, your call will still be completed during this period.

This is basically the first step in a series of phases that would allow for the distribution of the new '680' area code to new customers in March of 2017. Eventually, by February of 2017, you will need to dial 1 + (Area Code) + Number in order to make a call. They are simply getting people used to the habit of using that dialing process. After the Feb. 2017 deadline, calls will not go through without using that method. For more information on the implementation of this plan contact your phone service provider.

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