Do you have a friend who's just a little...'out there'? We found the perfect candy for the holidays for that person - As long as they're a little adventurous.

Hey, I'm not making fun of your friends and/or family members who may be a little weird, or like I mentioned "out-there." I'm a little out-there, myself. One of the best things about being "weird" or a little different, is most people like that are willing to try just about anything...

Which can make Christmas shopping a little easier.

Even if you're not a little out-there, you may still like this awesome gift idea... If you really like pickles.

Yeah, you read that right, we're talking about pickles here.

And we're not talking about the pickle-flavored candy canes that became a big deal last year. Nope, this is another pickle-flavored treat I found.

You can now buy pickle flavored cotton candy.

No, seriously.

According to, it will cost you $7.99 and you can order it online from

While browsing CandyFavorites' site, I also found some dill pickle mints and pickle candy. If pickles are NOT your game, well the website also offers bacon candy canes, jalapeno lollipops, and a bunch of other unique flavors of candy. The website also offers normal candy options that you could find in stores. Actually, CandyFavorites had a lot of great stuff - Whether you're looking for something interesting or one of your favorite snacks.

So maybe this year, you should stuff those stocking with some really "out-there" treats. Or maybe pick up this pickle-flavored cotton candy for that one person you know that won't knock ANYTHING until they try it at least once.


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