Central New York is buried thanks to Winter Storm Stella. See photos from around the area of all the snow piled up.

For some of us (eh hem, "Naomi Lynn"), this is the biggest snowstorm we've seen in quite a while (maybe even ever). And with a storm this big, we want to document it ALL! Yes, for the most part it's for safety reasons and to make sure everyone understands just how bad this storm is. But there is a little part (a tiny sliver) that we can blame on being intrigued. We asked you to show us what all this snow looks like from your backyard, from your office, from wherever you are... And you delivered. We've received tons of pictures via Facebook  and email of Stella wreaking her havoc on Central New York. Thank you to everyone who sent in photos.

Check out the photo gallery we were able to compile, thanks to our listeners:

Pretty crazy, right?! We hope you've been safe during this storm, and remember even if Mother Nature doesn't agree, spring is less than a week away.




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