It's bound to happen.  Someone is anxious to get home and worried about the condition of the roads.  They clean off their driver's window and enough of the windshield to see the front of the car.  Maybe they figure the extra weight of the snow on the car will give them better traction.

There is a proposed law in New York State that would allow officers to ticket anyone driving with excess snow on their vehicle.  It is not only bad for other drivers as the snow blows off your car, it's dangerous for you as well.

If you are going to drive on slick, snow covered roads, you need to see where you are going, you need to have clear side views, and need to see behind you as well.  You should also use your headlights, even during daylight hours.  If you are forced to slow down well below the speed limit, flashers are a good idea too.

Have your cell phone charger, a blanket and some water in the car as well.  But most important, please take the time to clear the snow and ice from your vehicle.

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