Were you one of the many people who lined up at Herb Philipson's in the New Hartford Shopping Center this past Sunday to meet our local Olympian and bronze medalist Erin Hamlin? She was busy smiling for photos, shaking hands and signing autographs for two hours.

Over the years doing this job, I've had the chance to meet lots of famous people but Erin Hamlin was the first Olympian I've met. She was amused when I told that while she was competing in the 2014 Winter Olympics none of us were getting much work done but instead were glued to the TV. Erin said she'd heard that from many people.

I asked if she ever gets nervous competing and she said yes but then the adrenaline kicks in. She was kind of enough to not only pose for a few photos and and autograph her picture but also let me hold her bronze medal. I've always wondered what an Olympic medal felt like and now I know. They're really heavy! Not exactly something you'd carry around all day.

All in all, it was very cool to meet Erin Hamlin. Here's to her next successful Olympics and who knows, maybe she'll be showing off a gold medal next time we meet.