The Lite 98.7 morning show kicked off the first week of February in 2018 with some creative pre-Olympic coverage, some local solutions for a couple of national celebrities, and another glimpse inside our personal lives that probably sounds a bit familiar to many of you.

Made and packaged in the Mohawk Valley, here were Beth & Dave's top five Best Of segments from the week of February 5, 2018:

1. Therapeutic chores. Actor Michael B. Jordan's appearance on the Ellen Show, and their disclosures about household chores that make you feel good triggered our own discussion about this form of therapy.

2. Names for a kid. After learning about "Chicago," the latest child from Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, we couldn't help offering up our list of Central New York Towns That Would Make Better Names Than Chicago.

3. CNY Biathlon and local heroes. As we anticipated the start of the 2018 Winter Games, we focused on luger Erin Hamlin and biathlete Maddie Phaneuf, whose name became a topic of discussion. Also, we came up with our own CNY versions of the Biathlon.

4. Emotional support hamster. A follow-up to the recent emotional support peacock episode, but THIS story had a far more pathetic ending.

5. Re-wearing clothing. What exactly are the rules on this? And do the rules differ when it comes to pants vs. shirts vs. socks, etc.?


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