Yesterday we revealed the titles for 'Pretty Little Liars' episodes 5x07 and 5x08, and today we know what 5x09 is called -- not to mention some scoop on a possible Spencer and Ezra scene.

This season is going to be insane. And confusing.

First things first, that episode title.

As 'PLL' writer Maya Goldsmith revealed on Twitter, episode 5x09 will be called 'March of Crimes.'

Will all of Alison's crimes over the years finally be laid bare to her friends? Is someone in trouble with the law?

Episode 5x09 may have a title, but the cast is currently filming 5x07 ('The Silence of E. Lamb'), which appears to have an Ezra and Spencer scene in it.

Actress Troian Bellisario (Spencer) shared an on set photo of herself and Ian Harding (Ezra) licking one of the paintings in Ezra's apartment which she adorably captioned, "Why @ianmharding and I are never allowed to have scenes together. My stomach hurts so bad from laughing right now."

As we previously revealed, Ezra will survive the Season 5 premiere. Could he and Spencer be teaming up to track down 'A,' or are they still super busy creepily stalking each other?

Maybe we'll get some answers when the show returns on Tuesday, June 10, at 8PM ET on ABC Family.

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