It's almost here Liars! The Season 5 premiere of 'Pretty Little Liars' is almost upon us, so here are some juicy Alison-related spoilers to tide you over until the upcoming season.

Proceed with caution. You have been warned.

Season 5 will be big for so many reasons, and one of those reasons is because for the first time in the entire series Alison will be sharing a scene with Caleb. And it sounds like their first meeting is super combative.

Will their first meeting lead to a serious love-hate relationship that ends in a kiss? Maybe. As the writers previously teased, these two have some serious chemistry.

Revealed Saha Pieterse (Ali) of the upcoming confrontation, "There’s one scene in particular that we’ve already shot and it's fun. It’s really fun, because he’s literally the only person that I haven’t filmed with."

Added Caleb himself (Tyler Blackburn), "I think it’s interesting because Caleb really doesn’t put up with too much, so he doesn’t believe her, believe her story. So he kind of corners her but she’s pretty fierce too and combats right back."

As for the rest of Rosewood, they will all be dealing with the return of Ali in their own ways when she returns to school in the series' 100th episode ('Miss Me x 100').

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Lucas, Paige and Noel -- among others -- will be taking it particularly hard, leaving them wondering if they want to get sucked back into the drama-filled world that they once experienced with Ali.

Executive producer Joseph Dougherty explained of their thought process, "Season five has a lot to do with figuring out allegiances in the new dynamic and how Rosewood is going to function when Ali comes back. It's going to be about who you can trust."

Even more shocking than all that, though? Pieterse has come out and said that Ali does not have a twin as her character does in the book series.

Although honestly, this could just be a ploy to put us off the trail of said twin.

Either way, 'PLL' Season 5 premieres tomorrow (June 10) at 8PM ET on ABC Family!

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