Last season on 'Pretty Little Liars,' Spencer had a bit of a mental breakdown and was sent to the local mental institution, but this year a completely different Liar will go a little nuts.

Does it have something to do with Ezra? Is he A? Keep reading for more spoiler-iffic details!

In a recent interview, actress Lucy Hale (who plays Aria) revealed, "Because Alison's alive now, there's now five pretty little liars. Also, Aria goes a little crazy this season."

"And we delve more into is Ezra really part of the 'A' Team," she added, making us wonder if these two things are connected.

After all, Aria left her safe and dependable boyfriend for her ex Ezra (whom she truly loves), and if he turns out to have been the one who's been stalking her and her friends, we can't imagine she would handle that lightly.

Furthermore, if she does find out, is this that scene where Lucy Hale says she lost her voice because she was crying and screaming so much? We'll just have to wait and see.

'PLL' returns on Tuesday at 8PM ET on ABC Family.

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