The perfect way to get into that Halloween Spirit - and kickoff the Haunts and Legends Live Event, it's a psychic fair at Hotel Utica. But it's more than palm readings, and that sort...

A Person Getting Their Palm Read
(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

When you hear the words 'psychic fair,' you probably think of an old fortune teller, or someone reading Tarot Cards, but there's more to this psychic fair at Hotel Utica. Sure, there will be booths with Tarot Readings and predictions, but there will be other attractions to check out.

Some of the cool things to check out at the psychic fair include the readings, but there will also be a spiritual healer - A person who can help you get rid of negative energy in your life, and help you become more mentally and emotionally healthy.

Palm readings by Joan Kimball will also be available at the psychic fair, along with booths from Wendy Rivers, Mary Siver, 'Wicked Little Things,' 'Urban Post Company,' and others.

The psychic fair starts at noon on Saturday, October 31st - or in other words, Halloween! It goes until 6pm to kick off the Haunts and Legends Live Event - where you have the chance to explore the forbidden floors of Hotel Utica, with stars from the SyFy Network. Cost to get into the psychic fair is $5.




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