This Saturday at the Utica Zoo's "Wine in the Wilderness" you'll see something brand new from Prospect Falls Winery: Red Panda Rose.

JR and Naomi Lynn got the opportunity to stop by the Utica Zoo as they get ready for the big event on Saturday (June 3rd). They stopped to talk to Communications Coordinator Mike Beck, about this special wine that was created just for "Wine in the Wilderness." Beck was even nice enough to let them sample the "Red Panda Rose."

What's so special about this wine? Besides being created specifically for "Wine in the Wilderness," it's in limited supply: Only 36 cases of this wine was made. It's a sweet wine, but not TOO sweet. You can see how JR and Naomi feel about it in the video (at the top of this page). Plus, for every bottle of wine purchased, two dollars goes right back to the zoo.

Mike Beck also told them about the "Wine Enthusiast" Tickets which give you a VIP experience during "Wine in the Wilderness." You get to enter the zoo two hours early at 4pm (and start your sampling early). It also includes "professional wine tasting" where attendees can learn the correct way to taste the wine, and you'll also be able to enjoy heavier hors d'oeuvres. These tickets are $75 a piece and only 300 of them will be available.

Regular "Wine in the Wilderness" tickets are $35 in advance ($40 at the door) and include light snacks, wine tasting from 6p - 9p, and live music. There will be vendors on sight if you're looking for more of a meal, and other wines and treats available for purchase (like wine slushies). And the first 2,000 attendees will receive a commemorative Utica Zoo wine glass.

You can get "Wine Enthusiast" tickets at: or inside the Utica Zoo Gift Shop. Regular tickets can be purchased at, the Utica Zoo Gift Shop, Bremer's Wine and Liquor, City Liquors, Clinton Wine and Spirits, Ilion Wine and Spirits, Lichtman's Wine and Liquor, Seneca Wine and Liquor, Valley Wine and Liquor, Village Liquors, and Yorkville Liquors.





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