Utica used to be home to many live music venues, most of which have long since closed up. There's one piece of local history you can still see, even though it's just the sign.

Four Acres in Marcy was a restaurant and night club in the late 1970's that featured many up and coming rock and punk bands. From Elvis Costello, Joe Jackson and The Jam, to The Ramones and early performances from Tom Petty, Eddie Money and John Cougar, Four Acres was known nationally as a great place to play and see shows.

There's a Utica Topix discussion about some of the many local and national touring acts that played there, even mention of 99 cent all-you-can-eat spaghetti on Sundays. There's also a Facebook group with lots of pictures of local musicians.

Empire Center of Dance
CJ/TSM Utica

Today, the building is the home of Empire School of Dance, right next to Riverside Diner. The Four Acres logo still hangs on the back of the Empire School sign. Did you ever see a show at Four Acres?


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