What was the Copper City like in 1940? Thanks to Brian Moonan, we have video coverage, and lots of nostalgia in Rome, New York.

Let's take a stroll down memory lane with vintage parade footage from 1939, and 1940.

Here's a couple of Rome, NY fun facts:

Back in 1940, Serino's Food Market on North James Street was selling Lean Chuck Roast for 15¢ a pound, and Washington Market on South James was selling Limburger Cheese for 25¢ a pound.

Also in 1940, Milvo's held it's "Saturday Night Special": Turkey dinner for 50¢, and Hewits on Dominick was selling Castor Oil for 13¢. If you ventured out to Gardner's in Rome, you could purchase a wool jacket for $7.95, and ski pants for $2.00.


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