Fall has already started, Halloween is quickly approaching. But once Halloween hits, all focus goes to Christmas and the Holidays, and sometimes it seems to sneak up on us faster than we're expecting.

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When is the right time to go Christmas and Holiday shopping? Every year, stores start putting out their Holiday decorations, Christmas trees, and great gift ideas, earlier and earlier. But are they actually helping us out more than we realize?

I always thought stores were doing this, so we would end up spending more during this time of year (because you know, we don't spend enough already around the holidays). But maybe they're actually doing us a favor. Let me break it down:

-As of October 1st, there are 85 days until Christmas
That gives us 12 weeks to shop for gifts.

Like most people, I wait until later to start my holiday shopping - usually until December. But every year I'm in a rush to finish my shopping - I feel like I don't have enough time to get everything I need, have it look the way I want, wrap it and hand it out. Waiting until December gives you just over 3 weeks for shopping, and let's face it, in our busy life (with everything we already have to do), is that REALLY enough time?!

The more I think about it, the more I realize it depends on the person. If you're shopping for a whole bunch of people, you're going to need more time, obviously. If you're shopping for someone, but you're not sure what you want to get that person, again obviously you're going to need more time. And if you're like me, and don't save any money throughout the year for holiday shopping, you're going to need to start thinking about the holidays sooner.

But if you have a plan, you know who you're buying for, and what you're getting, you may not need as much time. Holiday shopping in October may just sound goofy to you. For the rest of us (the professional procrastinators), now is the time to at least start making a plan.


Christmas and Holiday Trinkets
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I use to get mad when I would see holiday decorations and gifts go up in stores before December. I always thought it should wait until after Thanksgiving. But now as I learn how unprepared I am every holiday season, I'm kind of glad they do go up so soon. It's just a friendly reminder of what's coming up, and what I need to plan for!




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