Rixton fans, has the past week not been one of the greatest of your lives? We're unveiling exclusive video content from the band themselves, teasing clips of songs off their upcoming album, Let the Road, and even giving you a never-before-heard snippet of the track "Beautiful Excuses." There have been laughs, tears and even silence -- which we're still mad about, by the way.

Today's (Feb. 23) clip shows the guys playing "Hotel Ceiling" for a group of four girls, and asking them each to rate it on a scale of one to 10. The song was written by Ed Sheeran, which Rixton were sure to mention to the fans, even going as far as to trick them into believing Ed was about to walk through the double doors before them.

In case you haven't seen the music video for "Hotel Ceiling" yet, we implore you to watch it immediately. It's best to go into it not really knowing anything about it, kind of like the way you should watch Cabin in the Woods for the very first time. It's an interesting music video that has a twist ending we never saw coming.

But back to the listening session. After asking the girls what they thought of the song, one of them said, "I like the lyrics and it told a good story." Another fan was a bit more diplomatic, saying, "In the beginning it was still good, but I thought it wouldn't be a song you would hear on the radio. Then it starts to get a little more ... not exciting but ..." to which the guys chimed in with suggestions like "interesting" and "better for the ear."

"Hotel Ceiling" earned a rating of 40 out of 40, which is quite a feat to manage! Check out the video above and see why!

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