Taco Bell is proving once again how great they are. This time they're helping out artists and musicians as they try to make a career out of their dreams. And a lot of those artists you know pretty well now.

Taco Bell Building
(Photo by Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images)

Taco Bell has been a leader when it comes to changes in our society, for quite some time. From experimenting with delivery service, to changing their food to stay on top of the latest trends, and everything in between. Now, Taco Bell is giving back - and it's in a big way. They're bring musicians and fans together - getting musicians more exposure and the chance to make new fans, and they're bringing fans new music, and updates on artists that are emerging. According to Taco Bell's Feed the Beat,

Feed the Beat support starts in the form of feeding touring musicians with $500 in Taco Bell gift cards - no strings attached...

...The Feed the Beat program also boosts exposure for various artists by giving them a stage at events around the country, featuring their music in national television commercials, and providing amplification through Taco Bell’s social presence.


But how well does the 'Feed the Beat' program work? Well, one big artist you'll probably recognize got their exposure, and a push in their career thanks to Taco Bell. And that group is 'Walk the Moon' - probably best known for 'Shut Up and Dance.'

Taco Bell has helped out tons of other musicians with this program, as well. Groups and artists like A Great Big World, Echosmith, American Authors, Rixton, and TONS of others.

Once again, Taco Bell proves why they're on the leading edge of our society and way of life. They bring food, music, innovative ideas, and everything, put it all together, and present it to us. Way to go Taco Bell!




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