Alright, Rixton fans, we’ve got yet another treat for you today! As with the past few days, we have yet another exclusive video from the band themselves, this time with a sneak peak of their song “Speakerphone” from their upcoming album Let The Road. They let a group of four girls — the very same who got to listen to a few other tracks already! — listen to the song and asked for their opinions on it after.

The guys encourage the girls to be “as honest, as brutal as you want.” And we have to admit, it’s a ton of pressure. It’s a total treat to be invited into a listening session debuting brand new music from one of your favorite bands. But we would probably be unable to critique anything honestly, so we have to hand it to the Rixton fans who are totally real.

The girls listen to the track snippet — which, by the way, we’re totally obsessed with — and they say that they like “everything” about it, as well as “the beat and the story.” The song is ultimately rated 38 out of 40, and the guys say that it'll most likely be on the album. Meanwhile, Charley’s only note on the song was, “I wish I was Harry Styles,” which, same.

Check out the video above and let us know what you think! Which video has been your favorite of the bunch so far? We know that's a cruel question to ask when we'd have an impossible time answering it ourselves, but if you do have a favorite we want to know!

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