In case you missed it - Ryan Quinn sang our National Anthem at the Utica Blue Sox Game on Wednesday.

Ryan Quinn, the amazing talent from Clinton, became a huge star after auditioning for the hit NBC show "The Voice." During his blind audition, he performed "Can't Find My Way Home," which caused all the judges to turn their chairs around (he even received a standing ovation from all the judges).

Unfortunately, his journey on The Voice ended April 13th, and he wasn't able to advance to the Final 12. But his journey with music is far from over.

Quinn returned home, and since then has been performing (and being scheduled to perform) at different events all over Central New York. This includes his performance at the Utica Blue Sox Game on Wednesday Night (June 29th).

You can see a video of his amazing performance on the Utica Blue Sox's Facebook Page here. (Go ahead and check it out. We'll wait).

What an amazing talent - And from right here in Central New York! Ryan Quinn will also be singing the National Anthem at the Boilermaker Post Race Party. You can get more details at the link below:

You can also watch Ryan Quinn's first performance - His blind audition from The Voice - In the video below (if you still haven't seen it, it will give you goosebumps):



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