Last Saturday was our Titanic Experience Wine Festival.  We had the chance to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the voyage and sample some great New York State Wine.  I brought home a bottle of a wine variety I'd never tried before, rhubarb wine.

Made by Montezuma Winery in the Finger Lakes, Rhubarb is a sweet dessert wine.  It's sweetness level is surprising given how tart rhubarb is naturally.

Rhubarb wine is a traditional German vintage and in addition to New York wineries, can be found at wineries in Vermont and North Dakota.

The Rhubarb Compendium lists these simple ingredients in making rhubarb wine

3 lb/1.25kg rhubarb

3 lb/1.25kg sugar

1 sachet general purpose wine yeast.

[Rhubarb Compendium]