I saw some rhubarb at the grocery store this weekend and decided to pick some up and try something new. I've done rhubarb pies and cobblers before, so this time, I wanted to try a jam.

I didn't use pectin just the fruit and sugar so I'm not sure if properly a jam, jelly, spread, butter, compote or what. And frankly, I don't care it was so good.

I based my rhubarb jam of this recipe, but basically it comes down to combining chopped rhubarb and sugar in a pot and boiling it down. Use half the amount of sugar to fruit. So for my very unspecific recipe, the chopped rhubarb filled one cereal bowl so I added half-a-cereal-bowl of sugar.

The images of the cooking process and the finished product on wheat toast:

Cheese Enchiladas - Eric Meier Cooks

Enchiladas are a great choice when you go out for Mexican, but how can you get that taste at home? I think I've found the trick. First of all, bypass the canned enchilada sauces. I found a great recipe from Vegetarian Times that will knock any canned sauce on its can.