I love when I find a video that teaches self-defense - I love it even more when it's something really easy, that even I could do. This is one of the videos, and it could just save your life one day.


Young Girl in Self-Defense Class
(Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

No one ever hopes or thinks they're going to be in a situation where they're going to need to fight in order to stay alive. It's a scary thing to think about. In the rare case that it ever does happen to you, it's nice to know a few moves that could help you escape.

Just seeing this video once is enough to learn the move. Really... and I don't pick up things very quickly, but I'm glad I watched it, and could possibly protect myself in case something does ever happen. (I rather be prepared than not, you know?)

Check out this video, and watch a young girl get away from a man who looks to be about twice her size.




Pretty easy move, right?! I'm glad a friend of mine posted this on Facebook, so that I could see it. It's the little things we can do to protect ourselves in a society that you never know what could happen. I hope this video can help you out too, and I hope you never actually have to be in a situation where you would have to use this.


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