A bizarre atmospheric phenomenon of booms thundering across the sky on a clear, sunny day called the Seneca Guns, so named because they happen so frequently over Upstate New York's Seneca Lake and the other Finger Lakes.

Seneca Guns have been firing over the lakes even in the oldest stories of the Native Americans. The term Seneca Guns or Guns of the Seneca comes from local author James Fennimore Cooper's short story 'The Lake Gun,' describes the Guns of the Seneca as a

sound resembling the explosion of a heavy piece of artillery, that can be accounted for by none of the known laws of nature. The report is deep, hollow, distant, and imposing. The lake seems to be speaking to the surrounding hills, which send back the echoes of its voice in accurate reply. No satisfactory theory has ever been broached to explain these noises.

So what do the Seneca Guns sound like? This example was recorded in Canada. The guns go off at :11 and :32 and cause neighborhood dogs to bark like crazy and car alarms to go off.

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