Turns out double-dippers are doing more than just committing a social faux pas - they could be making you sick. Like, really sick.

On a British television show called "Food Wrapped" microbiologists revealed that chip and dip double-dippers can spread all sorts of nasty bugs through party dips. In fact, the runnier the dip - the more readily the bacteria can multiply.

Not only can double-dippers spread simple stuff - like the flu - they can also spread nasty bugs like norovirus and streptococcus and uh, HERPES. Yup - the cold sore virus. 


According to the Daily Mail, under lab conditions, in just two hours, bacteria from a chip (or crisps as the British call them) double-dipped in sour cream had multiplied so there was 100 times more than before. YUCK.

They also tested hummus - which fared much better. The host speculated that it's because hummus is more viscous. Interesting. It's also worse if the dip is allowed to get warm - like outside at a cookout or picnic.

So what's the take-away message? 

Unless you know your friends aren't double-dippers, maybe stick with the hummus. If you're throwing a party, provide a spoon so people can get themselves a serving of dip - thus avoiding double-dipping.

The obvious answer - stick with single serve foods like tomato pie and cheese. It's all about food safety.


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