Most of us have them: neighbors. I'm here to make the case that there are really only two kinds of neighbors in any neighborhood. Which one are you?

Let me explain how all this started. We have a new neighbor - in fact he lives right across the street in what was always a lovely house. Now, ever since he moved in, things have gotten...better? The lawn is perfect. He cleans his cars every weekend - and I mean CLEANS, like, with a brush and stuff. And the garage? People, you could eat off the floor and I'm pretty sure he can find anything he's looking for.

I know, it's crazy right?

He is one kind of neighbor.

I am the other. The lawn - eh, we'll mow it...eventually. My car - I mean it's not dirty, but it's not exactly clean either. And my garage...oh LAWD, the garage. Let me put it this way - if I'm trying to find something in there, I bring a flashlight, wear boots, and sometimes I bring along a first aid kit. It ain't pretty.

Credit: Beth Coombs/TSM - Actual photo of my (really nice) neighbor cleaning his cars. Like, with love and stuff.

So here's my hypothesis: you're either the kind of person that inspires envy (and maybe a little anxiety) in your neighbors, or, you're the kind that makes them all feel better about their own yard/garage/car situation.

(I realize the flaw in my hypothesis is that there needs to be a third kind of neighborhood - the one who is sort of right in the middle - but I'm sticking with my plan here.)

So which kind of neighbor are you?