We've heard about some great neighborhood disputes, including the Ohio people who complained to the cops about a 12-year-old boy mistakenly cutting a small strip of THEIR lawn, because he wasn't sure exactly where the property line was. There was also the famous case just outside Syracuse in Skaneateles, in which a house was torn down in a zoning dispute, with warring neighbors--a case that even made headlines in The New York Times.

Then, there were neighbors recently in Florida who found the depiction of Vincent Van Gogh's "Starry Night" on the entire side of a house to be a public nuisance as opposed to a work of art. That kinda stuff happens in Central New York as well:

Graffiti On One Home
PW Creighton/TSM

A new case in Florida about a couple who are often seen naked on their own property has neighbors in disagreement about laws and the limits of good taste. These folks do their lawn work naked and often come to their front door in the buff. It's legal. But, is it okay?

Fallen Tree
PW Creighton/TSM

So, what's the worst type of indiscretion when it comes to neighbors?

  • Snooping and/or spying
  • Public eyesores
  • Dogs and other pets
  • Excessive noise before and after hours
  • Stealing

Do you have any naked neighbors or other neighborhood horror stories you've experienced or heard about that you can share?


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