The New York State Education Department says they're forming a task force in the "coming weeks" to "guide the reopening of our schools."

Governor Cuomo has said he plans to announce by Friday of this week whether schools in New York State can expect to reopen before the summer. Currently, school across the state are closed through May 15th, under the PAUSE executive order.

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Chancellor Betty A. Rosa, of the Board of Regents and Interim Education Commissioner Shannon Tahoe issued a statement saying the State Education Department would be forming a task force to look at reopening schools.

“In the coming weeks we will form a statewide task force made up of educational leaders, including superintendents, principals, teachers, parents, school board members and other stakeholders, to guide the reopening of our schools. By working together with these partners, we can ensure that our children’s educational, developmental and overall well-being is considered during this important discussion."

Some have question whether the formation of the task force in the 'coming weeks' indicates that schools can expect to remain closed for the remainder of the year.

Governor Cuomo has said the reopening of schools would come with some significant challenges, including the ability to respect social distancing, as well plans to keep schools and buses sanitized.


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