Are you having problems remembering small things? Do you drink Mountain Dew or another citrus soda? Well, the caffeine, sugar and calories in Mountain Dew may not be the only reasons to not let the kids have it.

The amount of sugar in Mountain Dew and similar drinks have led to an increase in the number of cavities in children and soda drinkers. Dentists are labeling this new condition 'Mountain Dew Mouth' but the new condition that is cropping up is far worse.

A number of cases have started appearing in the media recently, linking Mountain Dew to short-term memory loss and coined the new condition 'Mountain Dew Mind.'

As it turns out, Mountain Dew, Gatorade and as much as 10% of sodas in the USA feature an additive called Brominated Vegetable Oil (BVO). This additive was banned in Japan, India and Europe for health concerns. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration actually banned the chemical in BVO in the 70's from pesticides but for some odd reason it was permitted for use in foods in small amounts.

At the tested levels in the 70's BVO was viewed as safe, but in today's world it is fully possible to take things to excess, including soda. While excessive amounts of calories can lead to a number of health concerns, consuming too much BVO leads to fatty deposits on the organs and as the BVO builds up in these tissues it can cause neurological problems including short term memory loss.

If you're having memory problems and are a big soda drinker you might be suffering from Mountain Dew Mind.

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