A Syracuse Man was arrested yesterday after his bother's children became sick from drinking tainted milk.  20-year-old Aaron Hickman was charged with assault and child endangerment.  Syracuse police say he poured bleach into milk intended for his nephews, ages 1 and 3. From the Syracuse Police press release:

On Thursday May 24, 2012 officers from the Syracuse Police patrol division and Detectives from the Syracuse Police Abused Person’s Unit responded to Upstate University Hospital to investigate a possible poisoning of two children ages 1 and 3 years old. The investigation revealed the following information:  Aaron Hickman had been residing with his brother, the brother’s girlfriend and their children at 554 Seymour St. On the evening of May 23, 2012 Hickman and his brother had an argument and Hickman was told he had to leave.  Hickman was angry he was being told to leave the house so before he left, Hickman poured bleach in to the children's milk that was in the refrigerator. On the morning of Thursday May 24, 2012 the two young boys ingested the bleach that was in the milk. Both children became ill from the bleach, causing severe vomiting and diarrhea. The children were both transported to Upstate University Hospital Pediatric emergency room where they were treated and now have been released. Aaron Hickman was located by detectives and he has giving a written confession of how he put the liquid bleach in the children’s milk. Hickman was scheduled to be arraigned in Syracuse City Court this morning.

[Syracuse Police on Facebook]