In 1918, World War I was raging, and any company that was able to be adapted to a military need was eager to. One such company was the Solvay Process Company in Syracuse. They owned a limestone quarry outside of Syracuse in the town of Onondaga, and were willing to convert this quarry into a munitions factory to help the war effort. This quarry was known as the Split Rock Quarry.

On July 2, 1918, due to a machinery malfunction a fire broke out within the factory. The fire was unable to be stopped, and spread to the flammable chemicals stored within the building. This lead to a massive explosion that destroyed the factory, as well as damaging nearby buildings. In total, close to 50 people lost their lives in the tragic explosion.

This explosion did not stop the production of explosives at the munitions plant, and it continued to remain operative throughout the rest of the war, and was later used as a maintenance station for the New York State Department of Transportation, before it was abandoned in the 1980s.

The tragic past of the Split Rock Quarry continues to make its presence known. Even though the quarry has been closed for close to 20 years, it is the site of regular paranormal investigations. Documented sightings have been of strange green and blue lights, as well as seeing apparitions of those killed during the explosion.


Contributed by the NYS Shadowchasers




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