It's time to live 'Mas' for breakfast. Taco Bell is all set to launch its national breakfast menu on March 27, 2014, with items such as the A.M. Crunchwrap and a waffle taco. Taco Bell's breakfast menu is aimed at its fan base of younger men. Breakfast will be available until 11 a.m. which is a half hour longer than McDonalds who they hope to compete with for America's fast food breakfast dollar.

"We can turn the breakfast conversation into a two horse race,"

Taco Bell president Brian Niccol said in an interview, noting that Taco Bell intends to be a "strong No. 2" after McDonald's.

Bacon and Egg Burritos, Waffle Tacos, a Crunchwrap with a cup of coffee...yeah, it works for me.  How about you?