Dancing In The Streets [VIDEO]
The weather is getting nicer and its time to head outside and go for a walk or a jog. Perhaps you'd like to, dance in the streets? Meet Ben Aaron. He's a producer and presenter for NBC and he was shooting video on the streets in Manhattan when he saw a stranger that inspired him.
Health Concerns
The warning signs of a potential epidemic in heart disease are becoming more evident, new research showing that moms who are very heavy during pregnancy may be saddling their children with more than just a few extra pounds.
Five Of The Germiest Things You’ll Encounter At The Gym
Think about this the next time you're hitting the gym.  When was the last time that TV remote was cleaned?  Or that water fountain in the corner was wiped down?  Discover the five germiest things you'll encounter at the gym, thanks to
Fitness Matters More Than Fatness To Many
While war is being waged on childhood obesity, many have been preaching diets, exercise, fitness training and etc. However some feel that doesn’t matter as much. According to a new study, fitness matters more than fatness. You can be big, but consider fit.